» Worked well into the night to complete the project on time as promised and cleaned up afterwards. The final price did not change from the bid. Thanks for all the help!

» "In my case, my door has loose hinges, side wheels no longer well engaged or rolling as the door opens and closes, and loose screws that held the panels together. Now my garage door operates much more smoothly, all parts well lubricated, and not to mention replaced load springs. My wife commented it is way quieter now. I highly recommend La Puente Garage Door Repair for a job well done! Reliable and have good quality of work!

» My decade-old garage door had a broken roller and others were about to go. Based on positive reviews, I called La Puente Garage Door Repair. I was able to confirm an appointment the same day and the staff arrived on time. He evaluated the door finding it otherwise sound, recommended the rollers all be replaced, finished the job in short order, including readjustment of spring tensions, lubrication of parts etc. Door operates well now, much quieter and smoother than ever before.

» I was very impressed with your staff. Never thought that it was a one-man job. I apologize I can't remember the man's name who installed the door but he also was very professional. I feel your employees represented your company beautifully and are definitely assets to your company.

» This really is incredible service and I cannot thank you enough for the kind and considerate way you handled my enquiry.